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A Guide to the Contents of the Transactions Old Series and New (1858 - 1960)

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The Essex Society for Archaeology and History

Transactions Old and New Series

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Transactions Old Series (1858 ~ 1873)

Old Series Volume 1

Old Series Volume 2

Old Series Volume 3

Old Series Volume 4

Old Series Volume 5 No digital copy available at this time.

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Transactions New Series (1873 ~ 1960)

New Series Volume 1 Digital copy available soon.

New Series Volume 2 Digital copy available soon.

New Series Volume 3 

New Series Volume 4 Digital copy available soon.

New Series Volume 5

New Series Volume 6

New Series Volume 7

New Series Volume 8

New Series Volume 9

New Series Volume 10

New Series Volume 11  

New Series Volume 12  

New Series Volume 13  

New Series Volume 14 or

New Series Volume 15  

New Series Volume 16

New Series Volume 17

New Series Volume 18

New Series Volume 19

New Series Volume 20

New Series Volume 21

New Series Volume 22

New Series Volume 23

New Series Volume 24  

New Series Volume 25

The ‘Old Series’ is almost impossible to obtain in hard copy form. This is because there was a “disastrous fire in the early hours of 10 December 1873 which destroyed the Society’s entire stock at the High Street printing works of Benham & Harrison.

One letter noted ‘but for the military, and the wind being in the right quarter, the whole High Street [Colchester] would have been consumed’. All the woodcut blocks, plates and ‘the Society’s MSS’ were destroyed, together with all remaining copies of Wright’s History of Essex. J H Marsden’s account of the collection of Greek and Roman sculpture at Felix Hall, published by the Society in 1863, was also consumed. The fire put an end to the Society’s plan to reprint volume I, part i [of the ‘New Series’], presumably because the lost blocks and plates would have been prohibitively expensive to replace.”

Major Libraries hold copies of the ‘Old Series’ of Transactions, including our own Society Library at the Albert Sloman Library of the University of Essex, the Essex Record Office and Colchester Public Library.

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