Originally compiled by Peter B Boyden B.A. (1980)

Updated annually by Jane Pearson, Hon. Librarian & Andrew Smith, Hon. Deputy Librarian

Essex Society for Archaeology and History 2016 edition

In common with other organisations, the Essex Society for Archaeology and History (until 1985 named the Essex Archaeological Society) has, during its long history, created archives and this catalogue describes the papers which are kept in the Storeroom in Hollytrees. A project is currently in progress to deposit material, not immediately necessary to the running of the Society, on permanent loan at the Essex Record Office.

The Essex Society for Archaeology and History, formerly the Essex Archaeological Society, has had a long line of distinguished Presidents.


The Honorary Secretary has, throughout the Society’s history, been its 'Chief Executive'. In addition to fulfilling the usual secretarial duties, the Hon. Secretary also edited the Transactions until 1907; and at various times stood in as Curator, Treasurer and Librarian. The Hon. Secretary has had various assistants, as detailed below, the chief of whom has been the Excursions Secretary - now styled Social Secretary.

  • 1852-67 Charles Gray Round
  • 1868-1916 Rt. Hon. James Round (O. & P. xiv pt 3)
  • 1916-17 William Chapman Waller (O. xiv pt 4, 356)
  • 1917-29 Christopher William Parker (O. & P. xx pt 1)

When the Museum in the Castle was first established it included both books and three-dimensional artefacts which were together. The problem of finding a suitable home for the Society's books, acknowledged at the beginning of the century, was only solved in the late 1920s when it was possible to move them to Hollytrees. This move coincided with the election of Philip Laver as Honorary Librarian. Although the 'paid' Curator was styled 'Curator and Librarian' to 1946

The history of the Museum in Colchester Castle, run from its inception jointly by the Society and Colchester Corporation, is a long and complicated one. Originally the idea was for the establishment to be run by the two bodies on an equal footing, although the Corporation (for reasons which are unclear) soon assumed greater responsibility than the Society, whose influence has continued to diminish. In addition to the ‘paid' Curator, whose salary was met jointly by the two sponsoring bodies,

The Honorary Editor has responsibility for the production of the Society's Transactions, and oversight of other publications although the detailed editing is usually delegated to others. As explained earlier, the Honorary Secretary acted as Editor until 1907 when Rickword was appointed as Editorial Secretary.

The post was created after the amalgamation of the Roman Essex Society and the EAS. There are no records relating to this Office, which has only been held by one person.

? – 1973 Major J G S Brinson (Earlier styled Honorary Excavations Organiser)

Similar to the Honorary Director of Excavations, there has only been one Honorary Legal Advisor and there are no records in the Library relating to this aspect of the Society's affairs.

  • 1972-? A C Sparrow