Honorary Treasurer

  • 1852-67 Charles Gray Round
  • 1868-1916 Rt. Hon. James Round (O. & P. xiv pt 3)
  • 1916-17 William Chapman Waller (O. xiv pt 4, 356)
  • 1917-29 Christopher William Parker (O. & P. xx pt 1)
  • 1929-49 Henry William Lewer (O. & P. xxv pt 1, 120)
  • 1949-50 Isobel L Gould (Acting)
  • 1950-55 Rev Oswald Edwin Robert Alexander
  • 1955-56 Capt C W Nunn
  • 1956-59 James Williams 1959-60 M Bennett
  • 1961-71 John Brightman Bennett (O. 16) 1971-74 Kenneth V A Oxborrow
  • 1974-83 Michael S Crellin 1984-86 M D O’Connor
  • 1987-94 Richard Fuller
  • 1995 D Anthony Davies
  • 1996 W A Hewitt (Hon. Acting Treasurer)
  • 1997-2002 Richard Fuller
  • 2003- William M Abbott
  • Honorary Financial Secretary

    • 1859-67 Rev F Spurrell Honorary Vice Treasurer
    • 1905-16 W C Waller
    • 1917-29 H W Lewer Collector
    • 1852-83 Josiah Parish
    • 1883-1902 Sarah Parish (widow of Josiah) Honorary Receiver of Subscriptions
    • 1902-05 W C Waller

    Honorary Membership Secretary

    • 1974-79 Patricia Monk
    • 1979-85 Olive Daynes
    • 1985-90 Richard Coleman
    • 1990-93 W Raymond Powell (O. 39)
    • 1993-95 Paul W J Buxton (O. 40)
    • 1995-2000 James Kemble
    • 2000-10 Ann Turner
    • 2011-13 Bruno Giordan
    • 2014- Tracey Hunter

    Classes of Records

    • S/TRE/1 Balance Sheets and Statements of Accounts
    • S/TRE/2 Bank Books and Statements
    • S/TRE/3 Account Books
    • S/TRE/4 Special Funds
    • S/TRE/5 Membership Records
    • S/TRE/6 Treasurers’ Correspondence


    S/TRE/1/1 MS draft with printed version of the balance sheet for the year ending 31 Dec 1913.  
    S/TRE/1/2 Balance Sheets and. Statements of accounts for the calendar years 1961-65, 1968-57 and 1959-70.  


     S/TRE/2/1  Bank pass book, pp36, Round Green & Co., Jan 1876 - Oct 1893.  
     S/TRE/2/2  Bank pass book, pp43, Gurneys, Round, Green & Co. (later. Barclays), Nov 1893 - Jun 1901.  
     S/TRE/2/3  Bank pass book, pp8 used, Barclays Bank, referring to Library Fund., Apr 1938 - Nov 1949.  
     S/TRE/2/4  Deposit pass book, pp3 used, Barclays Bank Colchester, May 1960 - Mar 1962.  
     S/TRE/2/5  TS lists of securities held by the Society at Barclays Bank. West Mersea, Dec 1960 - Dec 1969.  
     S/TRE/2/6  Barclays Bank Statements of EAS accounts 1962, 1964-68.  



    S/TRE/3/1 MS cash book, p162 used, used by Josiah Parrish whilst Collector for the Society Jul 1870-Dec 1892.  
    S/TRE/3/2 MS account book, pp38 used, Jan 1921-Dec 1927.  
    S/TRE/3/3 MS cash book, pp35 used, details of day to day income and expenditure 1934-40, details for the last year are incomplete.  
    S/TRE/3/4 MS ledger, pp36 used, General Fund account Jan 1949-Jan 1961.  
    S/TRE/3/5 MS account ledger, pp46, details of financial transactions Jan 1961-Dec 1965.  
    S/TRE/3/6 MS ledger, pp52, details of financial transactions Jan 1966- Dec 1969.  



     S/TRE/4/1  MS notebook in the hand of H Lewer containing: pp3, list of subscribers to the Chancellor Memorial Screen Fund, closed 14 Dec 1918. pp12, list of subscribers for, and details of expenditure on, 1923 Library Catalogue, with 3 related letters (loose), Jul 1922-Oct 1923. pp1 minutes of the Library Catalogue Committee, Jul 17 and Oct 2 1922.  
     S/TRE/4/2  MS ledger, pp36 used, containing names of subscribers to: Church Plate of Essex Oct 1923-May 1925. General Index to Vols vi-xv of the Transactions Jan 1926- May 1927 A G Wright Testimonial Fund Jan-Mar 1927 Hollytrees Excavation Fund Nov 1927-Aug 1928 Library Appeal Fund Dec 1929-Mar 1930 Hollytrees Excavation Report Fund Mar-Nov 1931 Library Fund 1937 Colne Cartulary, not dated Essex Record Society Jul-Sept 1931 Witham Excavation Fund May 1935. Curling Testimonial, not dated    
     S/TRE/4/3  Part of MS cash book, pp22, Library Endowment Fund Accounts Jul 1938-Dec 1961; Trust Fund May 1938-Jun 1939.  
     S/TRE/4/4  Correspondence and other papers relating to the investment of money for the Library Endowment Fund in Solihull County Borough Council Mortgage Fund Jul 1961-Sep 1970  
     S/TRE/4/5  Correspondence, balance sheets and bank pass book relating to the finances of the 'Elizabethan Feast' held with the Friends of Historic Essex, May-Dec 1961  
     S/TRE/4/6  Balance Sheet, correspondence, bank pass book and other papers relating; to the Benton Memorial Fund, and the erection of an oak door in the South Chapel of Fingringhoe Church. Mar 1962 - Mar 1969.  
     S/TRE/4/7  Correspondence and papers relating to a grant to the Archaeological Research Group Colchester towards the cost of the excavation of the Roman villa at Great Tey. May - Sept 1966.  
     S/TRE/4/8  Receipt book, partly used; 105 receipts issued Feb 1960 – Apr 1971 for donations to the Library, income from of publications, etc. 57 receipts for donations to Benton Memorial Fund, Mar 1962 – Apr 1968.  



    S/TRE/5/1 MS book, pp75 used, lists of members' names and addresses arranged alphabetically, with details of subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1866-83.  
    S/TRE/5/2 MS book, pp65 used, containing alphabetically arranged lists of members of the Society, with details of Subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1884-97.  
    S/TRE/5/3 MS notebook, pp36, containing printed lists of members as on 31 Dec 1891, 1892, 1893 and 1895, with MS and TS amendments and additions to 1896.  
    S/TRE/5/4 Bound MS ledger, pp95 used, containing lists of members' names and addresses arranged alphabetically, with dates of election, subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1905-1927.  
    S/TRE/5/5 MS exercise book, pp7, containing notes on changes in the membership, diary of Society activities, and copies of letters written by Rev T H Curling as Honorary Secretary, 1902-15.  
    S/TRE/5/6 MS book, pp56 used, containing lists of members arranged by year by election, and losses through resignation and death 1925-54.  
    S/TRE/5/7 Large MS ledger, pp269, labelled 'Essex Archaeological Society Register of Members'. Contains names and addresses of members arranged alphabetically with details of subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1927-41.  
    S/TRE/5/8 Bound TS, pp40, list of members revised to Oct 1932.  
    S/TRE/5/9 MS ledger, labelled 'Essex Archaeological Society Register of Members', pp410, containing details of members (arranged alphabetically) - subscriptions paid, resignations, deaths etc. 1941-9, and including related loose letters.  
    S/TRE/5/10 MS cash book, pp143, listing members in order of paying subscriptions 1942-52, including notes on amounts paid etc.  
    S/TRE/5/11 Deeds of covenant, claim forms and other papers relating to the claiming of Income Tax paid on members' subscriptions, Jan 1961-Dec 1968.  
    S/TRE/5/12 Bound book of stubs of c200 receipts for members' subscription:. Jan 1964-Feb 1968.    
    S/TRE/5/13 41 cards recording details of memberships, superseded Nov 1969. Missing?


    S/TRE/6/1 74 MS letters of Nov 1909.-Jan 1917 addressed to W C Waller, Vice Treasurer, by various correspondents on aspects of the Society's business and its financial implications, The majority are from Rev T C Curling, Honorary Secretary. Together with copies of 5 out-letters and 1 in-letter, Jan-May 1910, correspondence between R Miller Christy and Fred Spalding &. Son Photographers, regarding the photographs of Killegrews for the illustration of a Transactions paper.  
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