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The Society has put together a list of regional societies and organisations that have some link with Essex history and archaeology. The list is not exhaustive and we are adding to it all the time. If you would like to make a suggestion, please contact our Secretary.
A Fine (Finis, or Finalis Concordia), so called fom the words with which it begins, and also from its effect in putting a final end to all suits and contentions, was an amicable agreement or composition of a suit, whether real or fictitious, made between the parties with the consent of the judges, and enrolled among the records of the Court in which the suit was commenced...
When the Society was formed in 1852, one of its key objectives was to create a museum where it could hold its collections. Colchester Museum was founded within Colchester Castle in 1860 and holds one of the best collections of Roman Britain outside London. Annual reports were written up by the committee listing the new finds and donations to the museum as well as other noteworthy events such as the installation of electric light and a visit from members of the Royal Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland who were "much impressed by the fine collection of Romano-British antiquities" in 1908.
Essex Society for Archaeology & History Congress News The Essex Society for Archaeology & History absorbed Congress in 2016 and the archives of Congress are in the process of being transferred to our own. One of those items if the Panel of Congress and we have published the PDF for last year here, for all members to access.  View and download the Panel of Speakers