PENTLOW, Anagram for our Research Section of Place-Names, ESAH Archive, Newsletters, Transactions, Library, Occasional Papers and Wealth of Resources (links)
The Essex Society for Archaeology and History offers visitors for the first time free access to much of its back catalogue of Transactions, Occasional Papers and Newsletters as well as the ESAH Archives which date back to the Society's foundation in 1852. Our research section includes links to our own Library of books at the University of Essex, the successful Essex Place Names Project, and links to a Wealth of Resources including the Essex Record Office and other organisations. Together, these seven offerings form our new minisite which we call 'Pentlow', which is also a small parish in North Essex.

The Essex Place-Names Project

The Essex Place-names database has been populated by expert volunteers who have willingly gone through ancient documents with a fine toothcomb to bring us an invaluable source of name origins. The project is ongoing and new material will soon be uploaded relating to medieval times. This is one of the projects supported by the Essex Society for Archaeology & History.

The ESAH Collection and Archive

The Society has created and acquired its own archive since it was founded in 1852.  Most material not directly associated with the running of the Society has been deposited at the Essex Record Office. This section of the website includes our own catalogue plus, in due course, links to some of the items held by the Society or copies of collections archived.

Online ESAH and EIAG Newsletters

Access our archive of newsletters from the Essex Society of Archaeology and History as well as those of the Essex Industrial Archaeology Group.
Access to ESAH Publications

ESAH Publications

We have digitised our collection of Transactions. More information required here as an intro leading to a new page which will give the user the opportunity to select which he wishes to explore i.e. Transactions, Manuscripts and Feet of Fines.

The ESAH Collection at the Albert Sloman Library

The Encore menu will give access to all of the collections in the University Library.  It can be limited to the Society’s library by typing ‘ESAH’ as the search term. Clicking on ‘Visitors’ and then ‘ESAH’ will give members the procedure for registration.

Occasional Papers

Occasional Papers are issued to members which contain in depth work commisioned and published by the Society.

A Wealth of Resources

We have put together a list of resources and organisations to which we refer to ourselves. This includes a handy link to the archives held at the Essex Record Office.