Honorary Secretary

The Honorary Secretary has, throughout the Society’s history, been its 'Chief Executive'. In addition to fulfilling the usual secretarial duties, the Hon. Secretary also edited the Transactions until 1907; and at various times stood in as Curator, Treasurer and Librarian. The Hon. Secretary has had various assistants, as detailed below, the chief of whom has been the Excursions Secretary - now styled Social Secretary.


Honorary Secretary

  • 1852-66 Rev. Edward Lewes Cutts (P. xviii pt 4)
  • 1866-93 Henry William King (O. & P. iv pt 4)
  • 1893-1903 G F Beaumont 1903-23 Rev T H Curling (xxiv. 166)
  • 1923-53 Rev G M Benton 1953-54 Francis William Steer (O. NL 65)
  • 1954-59 Lt. Col. Robert James Appleby (O. 7)
  • 1959-72 John S Appleby 1973-78 John E Sellers (O. NL 120)
  • 1978-84 Isobel Thompson
  • 1984-86 Mrs Lesley Cooper
  • 1986-87 Vacant
  • 1987-90 Victor W Gray
  • 1989-94 Nicholas Wickenden
  • 1994-99 Christopher Thornton
  • 1999-2012 Michael Leach
  • 2012- John Hayward

Honorary Assistant Secretary

  • 1922 Rev G M Benton
  • 1949-52 David C George
  • 1972 John E Sellers
  • 1987-89 Janet Smith

Honorary Administrative Secretary

  • 1986-88 Mrs Elizabeth E Sellers

Honorary Council Minute Secretary

  • 1977-78 I M Thompson Honorary Excursions Secretary
  • 1924 Rev T H Curling
  • 1933-34 Dr Edward Percival Dickin (O. & P. xxiv)
  • 1936-54 Rev T D S Bayley & Lawrence King
  • 1954-? L King & John Woods
  • 1987-95 June Beardsley
  • 1996-2010 Pat Ryan
  • 2011- Graham Gould

Honorary Social Secretary

  • 1973-87 Margaret Cornwall

Programme Secretary

  • 1987-90 Janet Cooper
  • 1990-2000 David Andrews
  • 2001-02 John Walker
  • 2003-10 Ann Newman
  • 2011- Paul Sainsbury

Classes of Records

  • S/SEC/1 Minute Books
  • S/SEC/2 Notices and Reports of Meetings
  • S/SEC/3 Rules, charitable status etc
  • S/SEC/4 Special Projects
  • S/SEC/5 Secretary’s Papers: King and Beaumont
  • S/SEC/6 Secretary’s Papers: Steer (1953-54)
  • S/SEC/7 Secretary’s Papers: Appleby & Appleby (1954-73)
  • S/SEC/8 Secretary’s Papers: From Sellers to Leach (1973-2012)
  • S/SEC/9 Secretary’s Papers: Miscellaneous

1. Minute Books

 S/SEC/1/1 Bound MS book, pp19 used, inscribed on the front page 'Colchester Archaeological Association Minute Book'. Contains minutes of meetings 14 Aug 1850 - 1 Sep 1852, the last in rough draft on a loose sheet. This latter meeting set up a committee to arrange the necessary steps for the formation of an Essex Arch. Socy.'. Volume missing: appeal for help Winter 2016 Newsletter 
 S/SEC/1/2  Bound MS book, pp80, containing minutes of Council and Annual General Meetings of the EAS Oct 1852 - Jun 1871. Printed alphabetical list of members with MS additions and amendments pasted in the end of the book.  
 S/SEC/1/3  Bound MS book, pp80, containing minutes of Council and Annual. General Meetings Aug 1871 - Mar 1884.  
 S/SEC/1/4  Bound MS book, pp65 used, containing minutes of Council and Annual General Meetings Jul 1884 - Dec 1893.  
 S/SEC/1/5  Leather-bound MS minute book, pp92. Contains minutes of Council, General and Annual General Meetings Mar 1894 – Apr 1910. Circulars and printed notices of meetings and outings are interleaved. Printed lists with MS additions of places where General Meetings of the Society had been held Jul 1853 - Sep 1896 pasted inside the front cover, and an abstract of principal decisions taken at meetings 1852 - Dec 1893, pasted inside the back cover.  
 S/SEC/1/6  Leather-bound. MS minute book, ppc100. Contains minutes of General, Council and Annual General Meetings Jun 1910 - Dec 1918- Annual reports, circulars, rules etc. (printed) interleaved., Also contains a press account of the Diamond Jubilee Dinner of 29 Nov 1912.  
 S/SEC/1/7  Leather-spined minute book, numbered. VI, pp338. Contains minutes of General, Annual General and Council Meetings of Mar 1919 - Sep 1931. Printed notices, accounts, and various circulars relating to Society activities interleaved.  
 S/SEC/1/8  Leather-spined minute book, inscribed VII 1931-1952, ppc250. Contains MS minutes of Council, General and Annual General Meetings of Nov 1931 - Nov 1952. Interleaved are related correspondence and printed notices of Society meetings, outings, etc.  
 S/SEC/1/9  Leather-bound MS minute book, pp200 plus index, numbered VIII. Contains minutes of Council, Annual General and General Meetings Mar 1952 - Nov. 1963. Posters, notices and other printed matter, relevant letters and other items interleaved.  
 S/SEC/1/10  Bound MS minute book, pp259 plus index. Contains minutes of Annual General, Council, Trustee and Committee Meetings Feb 1964 - Apr 1972. Annual Reports, letters.; press cuttings, posters, programmes and other items interleaved.  
 S/SEC/1/11  Green bound book. AGM minutes and Council meetings 1972-1987 (typed) S/SEC/1/12 Black bound book; ESAH minutes 1972-1987  
 S/SEC/1/13  Black bound book; ESAH Council minutes 1987-2007 S/SEC/1/14 Red book; trustees meetings 1994-2009  
 S/SEC/1/15  Red ring binder. Finance and Membership Services Committee (FMSC) Minutes 1987-1994  
 S/SEC/1/16  Black bound book; ESAH council minutes 2008-11 & FMSC 1993-2011  
 S/SEC/1/21  Lever Arch File. Library Committee Minutes 1973-2014. (Library Committee Minutes 1974-79)  
 S/SEC/1/22  Library Valuation 1994, undertaken by A B Doncaster, The Castle Bookshop, Colchester  




S/SEC/2/1 Printed notices and agenda for meetings and excursions Aug 1891 - Jul 1938, not complete, compiled from the collections of P G Laver and J M Winch.  
S/SEC/2/2 Packet containing: (1) Photocopy of prospectus for the EAS from the Essex Standard 19 Nov 1852. (2) Original copy, Essex Standard, 19 Nov 1952. (3) EAS “Its Rules, Members & c” 1853. (4) EAS. “Its Rules, Members & c” 1857. (5) EAS Rules. Revised 7.9.1963 and Library Admission Card, c1963? (6) Programme for Jubilee Meeting 25 Jun 1905.  
S/SEC/2/3 Quantity of printed Orders of Service for the 'Presentation, Unveiling, and Dedication of Memorial Tablets in memory of the Revd Philip Morant MA FSA Historian of Essex Tuesday 15 March 1966, Aldham Parish Church, and St Mary-at-the-Walls, Colchester.' (see also S/SEC/7/18)  
S/SEC/2/4 Leather-bound book, ppc100, inscribed on the fly-leaf' 'Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society as published in the Newspapers'. Contains reports cut from the press of Society meetings 19 Apr 1853 - 17 Sep 1858, including long accounts of papers read, places visited, dinners, etc. Also some drawings of the achievements of Essex dignitaries. At the back pp8 account of a medieval signet ring discovered at Stebbing 1841  
S/SEC/2/5 Scrap book, pp65 used, containing press accounts of EAS meetings and other activities, commenced by G.H W Beaumont Mar 1895, from a collection of cuttings made by H W King. The volume covers the period Sep 1860 – Apr 1903.  



S/SEC/3/1 7 MS and. TS letters, chiefly to H W Lewer and P G Laver, of Aug 1927 – Apr 1938, with pp25 printed draft 'Memo and Articles of Association (1939) concerning a proposed Essex Archaeological Trust'. (Once in the Laver Papers)  
S/SEC/3/2 Extract from Council Minutes of 30 Oct 1961, regarding the appointment of J S .Appleby, J B Bennett and K R Mabbitt as Trustees, with related papers.  
S/SEC/3/3 Printed papers and forms relating to the registration of the Society as a Charity in Sep 1962 under the 1960 Charities Act.  



 S/SEC/4/1  Collection of returned forms for the Society's parish register survey 1858: Short returns from Chingford, Colchester St Peter, White Colne, Fairstead, Frating (and Thorrington), Castle Hedingham, Heronsgate, Hutton, Latchingdon, Manningtree, White Notley, Purleigh, Southminster, Stifford, Tendring, Wendon Lofts (and Elmdon), Wicken Bonhunt, Wickham Bishops and Wickham St Pauls. Fuller returns from Bardfield Saling, Barking, Belchamp Otten, Birdbrook, Little Burstead, Chadwell St Mary, Colchester St Leonard, Cold Norton, Faulkbourne, East Hanningfield, Little Horkesley, Lawford, Messing, Navestock, Roxwell, Thaxted, Theydon Garnon and Great Warley. Also included: copy of a letter from Morant to the Lord of the Manor of Aldham on the history of the estate, 19 Apr 1763. 2 pages from the St James's Gazette 5 Jan 1887 regarding the refusal of the tithe payers of Hatfield Broad Oak to pay their tithes to Trinity College Cambridge. Rubbing of a brass at Kirby-le-Soken to Rebekah Crease, died 1619, now (presumably) lost. Deposited ERO, 19.7.2016 
 S/SEC/4/2  Letters and papers relating to the Society’s co-operation with the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments in the compilation of the inventories for Essex. Minutes of Special Committee meetings May 1912, with memo of Apr 1913 in MS book, pp4 used. Correspondence, chiefly addressed to W C Waller, list of potential helpers, etc., 35 items, Nov 1911 - Apr 1913.  
 S/SEC/4/3  Folder, c3" thick, of photocopies of correspondence of c1966- 68 relating to threatened listed buildings in Essex: letters' from the CBA, Essex County Council, Ministry of Housing and Local Government, copies of representations made by the Secretary of EAS, statutory lists, etc.   Missing?



 S/SEC/5/1  Petty cash book, pp26, recording H W King's expenses as Secretary 25 Apr 1867 - 16 Jun 1880.  
 S/SEC/5/2  Pocket notebook, pp49 used, containing notes on new and lapsed members, publications received by the Society, Council and other meetings, kept by H W King as Secretary May 1877 - Oct 1893.    
 S/SEC/5/3  Collection of 15 invoices sent to G H Beaumont as Secretary Jul 1894 - Sep 1902, chiefly for carriages used on EAS outings, with a few for printing and stationery.  



S/SEC/6/1 (A) Correspondence in - letters and carbon copies of TS and MB out - letters, 7 Aug 1952 – 24 Nov 1953, 347 items. Including draft EAS circulars, amendments to the list of members, correspondence relating to the Medieval Feast of 1 May 1953, apologies for absence from Council Meetings, applications for membership, members' queries, orders for publications, correspondence with the printers, arrangements for meetings and outings, correspondence with other officers. (Formerly in the Appleby Papers). (B) Envelope containing photographs of Medieval Feast, 1953, and press cuttings. (C) 1953 press release re centenary celebrations (D) Mabbitt papers (received May 2016). Notice of forthcoming Medieval Feast. Newspaper cutting, Group Captain G M Knocker.  
S/SEC/6/2 Papers relating to the 100th Annual General Meeting of the Society, 2 May 1953. Including the 100th Annual Report (and TS draft), notes taken at the meeting, and a copy of the audited Balance Sheet for the year ended 31 Dec 1952.  
S/SEC/6/3 Agenda and notes made at 4 Council meetings Mar - Oct 1956, Centenary Celebrations Sub-Committee Mar 1953, and 2 excursions Jun and Jul 1955.  
S/SEC/6/4 Mabbitt Papers (received April 2015 & May 2016). Folder containing correspondence relating to President Chain of Office. 1953/54.  



 <p>A short obituary of R J Appleby will be found in Series 3 Vol 7, pp71-72. On his death Mr A B Doncaster of the Castle Bookshop Colchester was instructed by the family to clear Appleby’s Library, and in the process a vast collection of papers were also discovered. Some private letters, and material relating to his Army career have been retained by the family with a view to depositing them in some suitable repository; documents relating to the Colchester Corporation Museum and Muniments Committee, the Colchester Excavation Committee and the CBA have been passed to the Colchester and Essex Museum; whilst papers relating to the EAS and certain miscellaneous papers have come to the Society. We are most grateful to Tony Doncaster for his assistance in the transfer of this important archive which is of vital significance for students of the Society’s history during the 1950s.</p>

S/SEC/7/1 EAS Circulars Lists of lectures, excursions, Annual Reports, notices of Annual General Meetings, 1947-1974. , List of Members, 1955. Newsletter #3, #10, #12, #13 #14, #21, #24, #25, #27, #30, #31, #32, #33, #34, #35. The Colchester and Essex Museum, 1960. Ticket to the Annual Meeting at Ingatestone 12 Aug 1886, TS and MS drafts of notices etc. 1956-1959. Copies of rules, applications for membership, memoranda including a list of scheduled Ancient Monuments in Essex (c1953). 1927-1956. Colchester Excavation Committee Accounts 1967-70 and short report on excavations, 1969.  
S/SEC/7/2 Roman Essex Society Letters from Major J G S Brinson, press cuttings, and lists of members, chiefly relating to the amalgamation of the EAS and the RES; Jul 1948 - Oct 1955, 9 items.  
S/SEC/7/3 Press Cuttings. 16 cuttings from the local press of Aug 1952 – Oct 1957', reporting upon local excavations and EAS activities.  Missing?
S/SEC/7/4 EAS Correspondence 1367 items; chiefly in-letters and copies of out-letters (to mid-1955 only) of Nov 1953 - Jun 1962, regarding the day-to-day running of the EAS - sales of publications, new members, excursions, inter-officer correspondence etc, The quantity of letters per annum tends to decrease with time, and some years (e.g. 1957) seem to have been weeded by Appleby. Includes letters: Proposed Nuclear Power Station, Bradwell-on-Sea, 17.12.1955; commemorative display to coincide with ‘the electric trains reach Chelmsford’, 2.3.1956; P Marlow discovery in garden at South Benfleet, 28.10.1956; Greenwood family ancestry, Colchester, 24.7.1956, 8.12.1956; History of Parliament Trust “drawn blank with regard to Charles Gray’s parliamentary notebook”, 24.7.1956; request on behalf of Pevsner regarding Charles Bridg(e)man d.1738, 9.7.1957; projected excavation at Thorndon Hall with historical note, from John Brinson, 27.6.1957; ERO “catalogue of the EAS is in its final stages”, 26.11.1956; history of Great Braxted, 13.11.1957; 2nd meeting of Pleshey Excavation sub-committee on 9 March, 24.2.1959 (see also S/SEC/7/8); ERO increasing number of genealogical enquiries, 5.3.1958; ERO completion of catalogue, 6.2.1957; note on history of EAS Library; PRO request for information on Manor of Fingrith Hall, Blackmore 1327-1353 court roll, 16.6.1954; excursion to Thetford, 19.8.1954; naming of State Forests, 29.9.1953; excavations at Shalford Church, 27.11.1953; letter from Appleby to Benton re early history of EAS, 14.1.1954; newspaper cutting of Morant Dinner 1956.  
S/SEC/7/5 EAS Membership Lists of members elected, deleted, changed addresses etc,. TS and MS, pp45, Jan 1954 - Mar 1960. Lists of members who attended the Morant Dinners of 1956 and 1957, pp2.  
S/SEC/7/6 EAS Council. Agenda, minutes, notes and lists of members present at Council meetings, Dec 1954 - Jan 1964, 58. TS draft agreement with Chelmsford Corporation, 1956.  
S/SEC/7/7 Colchester. Camulodunum. 1900th Anniversary of the Colonia. Held 4th to 7th July 1950. Not specifically an EAS event but many officers involved. (A) R J Appleby papers. Four letters of Jan 1950 and. two copies of the information sheet/ programme with TS draft of it. (B) Mabbitt Papers. Folder labelled ‘Colchester Centenary. Ken was the Treasurer. Guess who did the work!’ containing bank statements, bills from Colchester firms, programme.  
S/SEC/7/8 Excavations at Pleshey Castle 1959-63. Interim report 1959 pp4 and Memoranda to EAS; Interim report, 1962; excavations, 1963. Report of Pleshey Excavation Committee, held 9.3.1959. Invoice for Motte and Bailey Mobile Exhibition, 1963. Pleshey Castle Exhibition slides 1963  
S/SEC/7/9 Folder of notes, letters, and press cuttings (not present) relating to research of various kinds - chiefly Roman Britain and recent military history.   
 S/SEC/7/10 Personal papers of 1916-1975, including part of a diary kept during World War I (not present), press cuttings reporting on speeches made by Appleby whilst employed by the Central Office of Information, 1949-50 (not present), newspaper cuttings of letters regarding Roman wall at Colchester; list of personal effects on his death in Colchester Military Hospital. 16 items. Deposit ERO
S/SEC/7/11 51 personal letters and post cards (none present) of Jun 1946 - Oct 1971, including several from Appleby to his brother Charles. Deposit ERO
S/SEC/7/12 Correspondence, Income Tax demands, bank statements and other papers relating to Appleby's private finances May 1948- Nov 1970, 52 items. Deposit ERO
S/SEC/7/13 Mabbitt Papers (received April 2015): White folder containing papers EAS AGM 1972 held at Porters, Southend-on-Sea. Lecturer: Sir Nikolas Pevsner.: KRM as I[mmediate] P[ast] P[resident] takes Chair.  
S/SEC/7/14 Mabbitt Papers (received April 2015). White folder containing correspondence mainly to ‘The Times’ relating to Stansted Airport proposals, 1967/68. Newspaper cutting: ‘The Times’, 27.1.1968. Includes plan and threatened buildings. Sellers Papers (received September 2015): Stansted Airport expansion, 1968, 1980.  
S/SEC/7/15 Mabbitt Papers (received April 2015). Folder. ‘KRM President 1967-70’. File of papers which include agenda and minutes of Council meetings; Benton memorial at Fingringhoe church; incomplete agreement between Chelmsford Museum and EAS on deposit of Roman Essex Society’s finds; letter to ‘The Times’, 19.2.1968, re. possibility of closure and eventual destruction of ancient churches; similar letter to Bishop of Chelmsford, 4.4.1968; letter to Essex County Standard, 8.10.1968, re Colchester Town Centre Proposals – dual carriageway, six multi storey car parks, building development in town centre and to the south of it; Dedication of the Memorial to the late Gerald Montagu Benton, with Order of Service, 25.3.1969; report of Rayleigh Castle Excavations 1959-61; Library and Records Committee minutes 14.11.1969 “the Library should be preserved intact; this was regarded as of the greatest importance”; Morant bi-centenary.  
S/SEC/7/16 Mabbitt Papers (received April 2015). Folder. ‘EAS New Look’. Papers relating to the discussion of the future of the Society, 1968, includes “failed to reach conclusions”, dated 9.7.1968. Sellers Papers added (received September 2015). (1) Future of the Society; (2) Publication and Membership Policy; (3) Handwritten notes by Sellers re. ‘Future of the Society’.  
S/SEC/7/17 Sellers Papers (received September 2015). Papers relating to Research and Fieldwork Committee, c.1967-1981.  
S/SEC/7/18 Mabbitt Papers (received February 2016). White folder. Papers relating to the Morant memorials in St Mary-at-the-Walls, Colchester and Aldham churches. Includes plan of proposed tablet in Aldham Church prepared by H & K Mabbitt, drawing 65/56.  




S/SEC/8/1 ESAH printed annual reports 1955-2000 in ring binder. Printed notices of Annual General Meetings, with Reports for the previous years, for 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1969. Keep
S/SEC/8/2 Booklet. Information for Members of Council, Committees and Society Representatives.  
S/SEC/8/3 Brown envelope file on proposed closure of Public Record Office, Chancery Lane, 1980  
S/SEC/8/4 Lever arch folder, Yellow. Secretary’s file of AGM, Council Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 1987-89  
S/SEC/8/5 Lever arch folder. Secretary’s file of AGM, Council Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 1989-90  
S/SEC/8/6 Lever arch folder. Secretary’s file of AGM, Council Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 1991-93  

Lever arch folder, beige. Sellers papers (received September 2015), being a personal record of the Society collated until c2007. These papers have been weeded with some amalgamated with other archive references. File organised by topic.<br />Part 1. Administration Rules and Constitution (superseded in 2015). (1) Rules 1858 and revision 1894; (2) Rules 1894 and Library Rules 1920; (3) Rules 1963/64 (4) [as (3)]; Rule 1980 [NL72]; (5) Constitution 1985/86; (6) [as (5)]; (7) Constitution 1986; (8) Constitution 2003; (9) letter re amended Constitution 1.5.2003, Leach; (10) miscellaneous notes by Sellers on rules and constitution.<br />Part 2. Chronology. (1) Notes of decisions recorded in Newsletter. Compiler’s note: Relevant after NL130 and extracts from NL131, Data Protection Act, and NL137, Why does the Society need a new Constitution? (2) A note of Essex Standard report, 22.6.1864.<br />Part 3. Membership. (1) List of Members 1861; (2) List of Members 1920. [duplicates S/SEC/9/1]<br />Part 4. Membership Admin. (1) Application forms; (2) Computer Listing – authorised users, 1980s; (3) Proposed new subscription rates, from 1.1.1984.<br />Part 5. Membership People. (1) Miller Christy (1861-1928), from Addison, Essex Worthies, p47. Albert Charles Sparrow (b.1925), Sir Andrew Mackenzie Lewis (b. 1928), from Who’s Who 1978. (2) Membership receipts for JES and ES, 1959/60. (3) Guy Wilson. Essex Chronicle 28.6.1985; (4) ESAH Scope of members’ other interests, survey 1986; (5) Student members, 1982-84; (6) Application for membership from Students, 1980s; (7) TS Membership List c.1972; (8) TS Membership List 1980; (9) Council Members 1985/86.<br />Part 6. Publicity (1) Objectives of Society, publicity associated with the [Essex?] Show [1963?] [at which EAS had a joint exhibition with Colchester Museum]”<br />Part 7. Committees. Stray items (1) Public Relations Committee 1969-75, (2) Finance and Management Services Committee, 1988; Publications 1959-1986.<br />Part 8. Fundraising. Campaigns. (1) Potential demolition of St Michael’s, Berechurch 1980-81; (2) Pleshey Castle. Letter Brinson to Chief Inspector of Monuments, 24.10.1972; (3) Essex Churchyards Conservation Group. Essex Chronicle. 15.5.1987.<br />Part 9. Officers. (1) Vice-Presidents, 25.9.1977 and in letters from continued officers; (2) Membership Secretary responsibilities; Officers and Council 1986/87, 1969. Committee members (Research and Fieldwork, Library and Records, Public Relations, Publications) 1978, 1980, updated to 1982; (3) Honorary Officers and Life Members, 10.7.1982; (4) Letter to ES, 13.12.1989 on change of Secretary.<br />Part 10. Finance. (1) Letter from Emmison re Essex Archaeological Trust, 1971; (2) EAS Draft Financial Report, 1976 (3) The Society’s subscriptions to other societies, c.1988; (3) “Money Go Round” Circular from Standing Committee for Local History; (4) Charity Commission papers.<br />Part 11. Library. (1) “the collection of negatives is being incorporated with that of the Castle, and the interesting contents will be reported in the Newsletter”, 1981 [see NL77 p21: “The museum collection is already substantial, and there are now some eight to ten thousand negatives. As a catalogue is currently impracticable, Colchester is stored by streets and Essex by places, with additional sections for museum objects and various special subjects.”]; (2) Notes for Users and Library Rules, various dates; (3) Library Finances, August 1975. PBB; (4) Library Appeal, November 1929; (5) Important message about Hollytrees Library, 14.5.2000, Leach; (5) Periodicals in the Society’s Library, reprinted from NL54, 61, 63, 64, 66 & 68; (6) location of manuscripts in Hollytrees library, undated, TS,4pp. Aide memoir of problems for the Library and Records Committee, c.1978/79; (7) Cataloguing the Library, c1980; (8) Library Staffing, 6.11.1979, PBB.<br />Part 12. Publications. (1) ISSN etc; (2) Members represent the Society on Other Bodies, undated; (3) Local associations: conditions of their affiliation to the EAS; (4) Issue of latest volume of transactions to newly joined members; Printing Costs and Publications, 2.3.1979, JES; General Index, Dec. 1925, Galpin et al; (5) “thank you” letter to JES, 29.6.1982, Liddell; (6) Publications Development Fund launch letter; (7) Trust Fund / Publications Development Fund correspondence; (8) Trust Fund, Treasurer’s Report, 31.5.1983; (9) Round papers unpublished, 1979; (10) Feet of Fines – difficulties encountered by EAS; (11) distribution of publications; (12) Membership and Circulation, 1981.<br />Part 13. Activities. (1) Photographs of Whitechapel Road Bell foundry visit; (2) letter to Brinson, 14.6.1973, re. AGM talk Wheeler; (3) flyers for Morant Lecture, 1989, 1990; Recent Archaeological Excavations and Research in Chelmsford and district, 1981, An evening with David Clarke, 9.9.1988, Pottery in Essex exhibition, 1978; (4) Essex History Day programme, Saffron Walden, 12.5.1984; (5) ‘A Footprint In Time’ pamphlet about the Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress, 1964-1989. The Society was actively involved in its formation.<br />Part 14. Future. [Papers merged into S/SEC/7/16]

S/SEC/8/8 Blue folder containing T Doncaster memorial event.<br />  


S/SEC/9/1 Red file box. Contents: (1) Officers and Council 1852-53. (2) Notice of AGM 1859. (3) Officers and Council with list of subscribing members for 1861, 1905-06, 1907-08, 1909-10, 1910-11, 1913, 1919-20, 1923-24, 1935-36. (3) Essex Archaeological Transactions Special Offer. (4) List of Members 1955. (5) Colchester Excavation Committee papers. (6) AGM notices and reports for previous year: 1907 (no report), 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937 (being reprint from n.s. xxii part 2), 1939, 1941, 1956. [AGM papers continued in S/SEC/8/1] (7) Cards giving notice of meetings / lectures: 15.1.19??, 19.3.1930, 14.1.1931, 18.3.1931, 6.4.1932, 23.2.1933, 31.1.1934, 30.1.1935 (8) Notices of AGM 10.3.1897; Quarterly Meeting and Excursion, 25.3.1900; Notice of AGM 3.4.1901, 2.4.1915; Quarterly Meeting and Excursions 23.5.1901, 30.7.1901, 30.5.1907, 19.9.1907, 29.5.1911, 15.9.1927, 7.6.1928, 19.7.1928, 27.9.1928, 26.6.1929, 25.7.1929, 19.9.1929, 28.6.1930, 17.7.1930, 18.9.1930, 27.6.1931, 22.7.1931, 10.9.1931, 15.6.1932, 21.7.1932, 14.7.1932, 15.6.1933, 19.7.1933, 20.9.1933, 21.6.1934, 18.7.1934, 20.9.1934, 19.6.1935, 31.7.1935. Keep
S/SEC/9/2 Envelope file (green) containing AGM and Executive Committee papers of SCOLA (The Standing Conference on London Archaeology), 2003-2008  
S/SEC/9/3 ESAH Library Move from Hollytrees to University of Essex (2000), including signed agreements Keep
S/SEC/9/4 Box file of photographs, some re excursions (now scanned on blog)  
S/SEC/9/5 Annual Morant Lecture poster, 1987  
S/SEC/9/6 White A4 document wallet containing: (1) Election of A Cunnington, Esq., 10.8.1882. (2) TS paper to Council Meeting, pp2, 23.10.1913, “best method of rendering Transactions more useful”. (3) Request for response to unnamed report, 17.3.1914. (4) Local Associations: conditions of their affiliation to the EAS, undated. (5) Library Appeal. November 1929. (6) Newspaper cutting “East Anglian Daily Times, May 16, 1933. EAS in Ipswich. (7) Newspaper cutting “Lecture in Armour at Colchester”, from Essex Standard, 22.2.1936. (8) Newspaper cutting “Funeral of Mr H W King of Leigh.” (9) Notice of Morant Dinner 1977. (10) Agenda for Council Meeting, 23.10.1913. (11) EAS News Reports of Meetings. (i) Diamond Jubilee Dinner, 20.11.1912. (ii) From Shenfield to Billericay, 17.5.1895. (iii) The Destruction of Church Monuments in Essex, 15.3.1890. (iv) Some interesting and intriguing bench-ends, 12.3.1932. (v) Annual Meeting at Colchester, 21.3.1896. (vi) Meeting of archaeologists at Chelmsford, 20.11.1884. (vii) Offprint from Transactions: General Meeting held at Colchester on 14.4.1898.  
S/SEC/9/7 Booklet 1985-6 ESAH committee members  
S/SEC/9/8 Miscellaneous items (1) Order of Service: Cathedral Church of S. Mary, Chelmsford. The Laying to Rest of Frederic Chancellor on Tuesday 8 January 1918; (2) St John Baptist, Loughton. 1 August. In Memoriam W.C.W. 1850-1917 – William Chapman Waller.  
S/SEC/9/9 Mabbitt papers (February 2016). White folder. EAS 125th Birthday Morant dinner, held at the George Hotel, Colchester, 30 September 1977, which took the form of a Victorian evening. Comprises: (1) Notice (2) Menu (3) Poster (4) [Colchester] Evening Gazette, 23 September 1977 “Happy birthday to a society who live in the past” (4) Evening Gazette, 3 October 1977 “All dressed up ..”.  


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